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Welcome to the official website of S.M. Wright, author of The Heritage Lost Series and The Augur’s Rose Series. A fan of speculative fiction? You’re in the right place!

A purveyor of far-flung tales, I enjoy transporting readers to distant worlds and fantastical settings, which just might hold a touch of magic.

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Coming Dec. 29, 2021

Torn between past and present, some allegiances die hard

Plasovern leader Hedda Strom has fulfilled her promise for Sotiris, almost to a miraculous level silencing his genetic mutation. With this achievement, it now falls on former Magistrate captain Katya Cassius to pay the price, as Strom tolerates no freeloaders. However, the cost may be steeper than she’s willing to pay, requiring her to entirely turn against former comrades and her adoptive family in a campaign to destabilize the Magistrate.

While Katya struggles with her former loyalties, Mina has embraced Plasovern’s cause, threatening to tear their relationship asunder. Building tension within Plasovern and Mina’s push to join one of its cells forces Katya to pursue alternative routes to Strom—even risking her wrath. 

As the Magistrate’s fringe space spirals into chaos and Sotiris’s medical needs limit options, Katya’s only recourse may be a return to her original homeworld, a place she fears for the truth it may hold.

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The Promise by S.M. Wright novella cover. Click to go to its Amazon page.
A Heritage Verse Story

Lt. Katya Cassius and her team rush to break the Serva syndicate’s trafficking operations to rescue children who have fallen into Serva’s grasp. In the midst of chasing phantoms, Katya finds herself caring for a young girl who’s been sneaking onto her base. The promise she makes her will forever shape their lives.

This Heritage Verse story takes place prior to Heritage Lost chronologically.

Heritage Lost by S.M. Wright novel cover. Click to go to Amazon.
The Heritage Lost Series: Book One

One simple rescue mission. That’s all it takes to land Katya and her two-person crew in the midst of a cover-up with the discovery of the Magistrate warship Aletheia‘s slaughtered crew — save for one survivor, an Oneiroi toddler. Despite the species’ reputation as the Magistrate’s mind-destroying enforcers, Katya rescues him. This act of mercy only ends with her own comrades in arms turning their weapons on her ship.

Acceptance by S.M. Wright short story cover. Click to go to its page on Amazon.
The Augur’s Rose Series #1

Don’t mess with the dead. Pure common sense. Necromancy gets messy — yet when pitted against Berit Gyllen . . . something or other . . . Svein is the only one wallowing in the filth when his artifact retrieval mission for the Mothers goes sideways. Perhaps he should have listened when that blasted bird told him to run.

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Book III

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Chapter Two In Progress.

“Augur’s Rose 2”

Halfway written.

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