About Me

My name is S.M. Wright, and I have been passionate about writing since I was in grade school.

I harbor many fond memories of my mom taking me to area Young Authors Conferences, where I would showcase my picture books in addition to listening to some great keynote speakers. By sixth grade, I had left behind picture books and embraced a love of history, which led me to write historical fiction.

In junior high, I transitioned to fantasy, relishing the opportunity to create my own histories while playing with brand-new worlds. I added in science fiction to my toolbox in college when I started what would become Heritage Lost; of course, back then, I had no idea where I was going with that story. (As a random side note, most of my projects start as a first chapter that captures my muse and later spurs me to further develop the project.)

To this day, I still love writing speculative fiction, though I’ve returned to my first love — historical fiction — with my ongoing work in progress, Under the Black Oak.

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