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Dreams for the future destroyed, Katya Cassius struggles to do right by her foster children as the galaxy threatens to collapse into a war that will make the Fringe Campaigns resemble a skirmish. The control the Magistrate has exerted over the galaxy is eroding as factions rise up, particularly the terrorist organization known as Plasovern, which might have found the spear it intends to shove into the Magistrate’s heart.

With old allegiances tearing at her heart, Katya tries to find her place in a galaxy coming undone — knowing she can never go home.

About the Series

A blend of space opera and military sci-fi, fans of BSG, Firefly, Dark Matter, and Star Wars (with a smidgen of Dune politics thrown in) will be at home within the Heritage Verse’s confines. Featuring plenty of fast-paced action and battles (in space and on land), the Heritage Lost Series offers relatable characters at its heart, with a focus on family, both biological and found — hence, each entry’s genealogy-themed title.

Currently, there are four books planned in the main series. I also plan to have a couple companion and stand-alone novels. There may even be a Reznic Days anthology that will explore more of Katya’s time on the planet.

  • “The Promise: A Heritage Verse Story” (A Novella Set About Two Years Before “Heritage Lost”)

  • “Heritage Lost” (Book I of the Heritage Lost Series)

  • “Descent” (Book II of the Heritage Lost Series)

    “Hereditary” (A Companion Novel to “Descent” That Occurs Alongside It)

  • “Legacy: A Heritage Verse Story” (Bridges The Gap Between Book II and Book III of the Heritage Lost Series)

  • “Once Removed” (Book III of the Heritage Lost Series)

  • “Book IV”

The Latest Installment Arrives!

Torn between past and present, some allegiances die hard.

Plasovern leader Hedda Strom has fulfilled her promise for Sotiris, almost to a miraculous level, silencing his genetic mutation. With this achievement, it now falls on former Magistrate captain Katya Cassius to pay the price, as Strom tolerates no freeloaders. However, the cost may be steeper than she’s willing to pay, requiring her to entirely turn against former comrades and her adoptive family in a campaign to destabilize the Magistrate.

While Katya struggles with her former loyalties, Mina has embraced Plasovern’s cause, threatening to tear their relationship asunder. Building tension within Plasovern and Mina’s push to join one of its cells forces Katya to pursue alternative routes to Strom—even risking her wrath. 

As the Magistrate’s fringe space spirals into chaos and Sotiris’s medical needs limit options, Katya’s only recourse may be a return to her original homeworld, a place she fears for the truth it may hold.

Current Releases

  • Heritage Lost By S.M. Wright Cover
  • Descent by S.M. Wright cover

Coming Soon


Follow Mina as she makes the leap to military life in the fledgling Mramorian fleet.

Once Removed

The Heritage Lost Series continues as Mramor strives to keep the Magistrate at bay, while Katya tries to find her place on her original homeworld. Meanwhile, a partnership forms between her and Akakios.


A companion novel to “Descent” that shows what the Oneiroi crew was up to at the same time.

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