Descent Cover Revealed and Hall of Heroes Wrap-up

Kylie Betzner and S.M. Wright at Con booth.
Kylie Betzner and I sit at our Hall of Heroes Comic Con booth on Sept. 5. The convention was a two-day event.

It was a great weekend at the Hall of Heroes Comic Con in Elkhart, IN! Fellow author Kylie Betzner and I had a fabulous time and met so many great people, including con goers and fellow vendors.

While we had one heckler who was quite adamant that we know there was no difference between sci-fi and fantasy, most people enjoyed the free book raffle in good humor, even those who love both genres and were forced to choose. After the con, we tallied the votes, and it was super close! Sci-fi ended up winning by just four votes. Since the tally was so tight, Kylie and I decided we would draw winners from both genres’ buckets rather than just the winning one.

Both Kylie and I are hoping to do more conventions in the future, particularly in the Midwest. If you have any recommendations, send them to

Descent Cover And Pre-order

Descent cover featuring Sotiris, Katya, and a distant Mina.

Another major event last week was the cover reveal and the launch of e-book pre-orders for Descent, It was first announced in my author newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so! It’s the best way to learn the latest news. When you sign up, you also receive a free digital novella, The Promise, which is a prequel to Heritage Lost; however, you don’t have to read it first. Click here to go to the StoryOrigin landing page. StoryOrigin will allow you to pick the file that best suits your e-reader of choice.

The wonderful Miss Chibi Artist returned to complete Descent‘s cover, which features Sotiris, who’s able to stand on this own, Katya, and a rather distant Mina. In the background, Mramor, Katya’s original homeworld, looms.

The e-book is available now on Amazon for pre-order, and the official release will be Dec. 29, 2021! It’s summary can be found below:

Torn between past and present, some allegiances die hard

Plasovern leader Hedda Strom has fulfilled her promise for Sotiris, almost to a miraculous level silencing his genetic mutation. With this achievement, it now falls on former Magistrate captain Katya Cassius to pay the price, as Strom tolerates no freeloaders. However, the cost may be steeper than she’s willing to pay, requiring her to entirely turn against former comrades and her adoptive family in a campaign to destabilize the Magistrate.

While Katya struggles with her former loyalties, Mina has embraced Plasovern’s cause, threatening to tear their relationship asunder. Building tension within Plasovern and Mina’s push to join one of its cells forces Katya to pursue alternative routes to Strom—even risking her wrath. 

As the Magistrate’s fringe space spirals into chaos and Sotiris’s medical needs limit options, Katya’s only recourse may be a return to her original homeworld, a place she fears for the truth it may hold.

Heritage Lost On Sale Through Sept. 7

Also, in honor of comic con and the reveal of Descent‘s cover, Heritage Lost will be on sale now through Sept, 7 for only 99 cents. E-book fans should snag a copy in advance of Descent‘s release!

Meet Me At Hall of Heroes Comic Con

Hall of Heroes Comic Con 2021 promo image with tickets on sale soon.
Learn more about the comic convention at

I’m super excited to announce I will be attending Elkhart, Indiana’s, Hall of Heroes Comic Con, Sept. 4-5. Come visit me at the Far-Flung Press booth (AA7 in Artist Alley). I look forward to meeting readers old and new alike. I will have print copies of Heritage Lost available and should have Descent‘s presale launched by the time the event arrives. There just might some sweet online deals for those who can’t attend in person!

Kylie Betzner, author photo
Kylie Betzner

Author Kylie Betzner will be joining me at the booth. Kylie is an actress, martial artist, and the author of comedic fantasy series. She is also the proud mama of two cats. A fellow Hoosier, she will have her The Six–er–Seven Kingdoms trilogy and her Arthurian parody The Quest for the Holy Something or Other. Check out Kylie’s catalog on Amazon by clicking here.

Editing Continues

I’m well past the halfway point on Descent initial edits; last I checked there were only 154 pages remaining (this is in a 500-page book). I always dreaded Descent‘s edits as I knew it was a very ugly baby, but as I go forward, I’m very pleased with the progress and edits I’ve made. Themes and characters are really emerging, and there is some really great imagery. It’s no longer my ugly baby but a solid follow-up to Heritage Lost.

Alpha readers have been responding positively to the manuscript and seem to really be responding to the text. One in particular keeps pacing my edits, which is really encouraging me to focus up on my edits in order to feed them more chapters.

Beta Readers Wanted!
Uncle Sam Pointing
Beta readers, I want you!

Once the alpha readers are done and I make a few more changes to the manuscript, I will be seeking speedy beta readers to begin reading Descent in September; the hope is these readers will be able to finish their readings in October.

If you would like to to be a beta reader for Descent, email be at with “Beta Reader” in the subject line. There will be a limited number of beta reader openings, as too many can end up being overwhelming.

As a thank you, I usually give my beta readers a digital copy of the finalized book for their e-reader.



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Hall of Heroes Comic Con

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Descent update and other life events

One tired editorial assistant!

I’m approaching the midpoint in initial Descent edits, which is massively behind where I’d envisioned I would be in April. I’ve been under a lot of stress in my professional life as I looked to transition from one career to a new one. Pair that with a nasty upper respiratory infection, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. In particular, the “is the new job going to happen or is it not going to happen” was a killer when it came to creativity and consumed so much of my mind that revisions fell to the wayside.

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The Joys Of Audiobooks

A variety of audiobooks, including Flying Too High by Kerry Greenwood, Death at Victoria Dock by Kerry Greenwood, Peace Talks by Jim Butcher, The stationary shop of Tehran by Marjan Kamali, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee by David Treuer, Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Broder and Never in Finer Company by Edward G. Lengel.
Above are a just a few of my completed and future audiobook titles.

Three months into 2021, and so far, I have six read books under my belt. Juggling two jobs and edits, I’m amazed with this progress toward my twenty book goal on Goodreads, though I’m aware of the irony. When I only had one job, I was lucky to even read ten books in a year. Perhaps, it’s the lack of free time that truly makes me appreciate what time is available. Maybe it’s the carrot of my local library’s Break into 2021 Book Reading Challenge. Or perhaps, after a rough couple of years, I really need a bit of escapism. No matter why, audiobooks have been my saviors.

My love affair with audiobooks began while traveling with my brother and sister-in-law to Indy. It was a Dresden Files audiobook, and it wasn’t even at the beginning, but narrator James Marsters (yes, Spike from Buffy) had me sold. Thanks to Overdrive, I dove into the Dresden Files audiobooks from the beginning, even loading my cellphone with them for a work trip to Florida.

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Website updates, writing progress, and more

The website has received a complete overhaul along with an official domain name, Visitors will now be greeted by a static homepage featuring my most recent releases, updates on works in progress, and other news. Shortly, I hope to add a countdown to Descent‘s release and hopefully a new event this September (there are still moving pieces, so we will see).

Several of my site’s pages have also been updated with new information, and I anticipate The Heritage Verse sections will be growing over the next few months. The blog has migrated to its own page, but no worries, I have big plans for it.

Plans For The Blog

Making my blog more active is forever one of my goals, and here I am again in 2021, hoping to make it happen. Right now, Descent revisions are receiving the bulk of my attention in what little free time I have, but I am working on getting more posts scheduled that are broader in scope than just on writing. Some of my plans include:

  • More Once Upon A Time Writing Lesson posts: I have three planned OUAT Writing Lesson posts currently planned. More might appear after I have a chance to rewatch the series, which is on my list to do.
  • “Rewatch Parties”: This potential series would see me rewatching some of my favorite TV series from the ’90s and ’00s. I would probably lead with Fringe, which I’ve wanted to revisit.
  • “It Came From the Bargain Bin”: In this series, I’ll be raiding bargain bins for fantasy and sci-fi books to read and share. The goal is to uncover some out-of-print stories, but I will be starting with newer books claimed at my local library’s book sales. The first will probably be The Courtship of Princess Leia, a book from my teen years that I remember loving, and now, I want to revisit it after snagging a copy.
  • “Four Questions and a Twist”: This is a future profile of indie authors that I would like to start, where each profile would receive four writing-related questions about their works, followed by one out-of-the-blue question like “What Google search has probably landed you on an NSA list?”
  • “Into the Heritage Verse”: This dormant series is going to be revived! I left off with C, which will be about the Csek species, but I aim to reach Z.
Writing And Edits

I’m up to my head in Descent revisions but majorly behind where I’d envisioned I would be during February. I knew several sections were rough, but I hadn’t accounted for the number of strategic surgeries required, where scenes were cut and rearranged with rewrites following to hide the sutures. More intensive editing sections lie ahead, which is stirring doubts. I do feel that Descent will be ready for publication in 2021, but I’m growing hesitant about whether I’ll hit a July/August publication date.

The two jobs situation seriously hindered momentum, but I’m buckling down to persevere. Life seldom goes as planned, and sometimes, you have to roll a hard six.


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Once Upon A Time Writing Lesson: Right-Sizing Cast

Once Upon a Time is a case study for plotting out a series. It exhibits why it is important to have a game plan–no matter how rough–in place at the beginning of a creative endeavor. This helps writers avoid retreading past plot points or completely dropping the ball on others. Characters need to go hand in hand with this early plotting–their arcs, their backgrounds, etc.

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The Struggles Of Platforming As An Introvert

To start off, this post isn’t going to offer any grand solutions to platform building — I have none. This remains one of my greatest struggles as an author in addition to being a point of frustration and bursts of depression. For every step forward, no visible progress seems to occur, and now that I’m juggling so much more in my day-to-day life, time seems too limited to get anywhere. Making it worse, I’m a massive introvert.Continue reading “The Struggles Of Platforming As An Introvert”

Writing Recap: Revision Madness

After puttering out in the last couple of chapters, I overcame the rut and finally finished Descent, the follow-up to Heritage Lost. Well, finished the drafting part . . . I’m currently neck-deep in revisions. Revisions, however, have always come easiest for me. My drafts are always sparse, so revisions include more fleshing out, particularly descriptions. Like most other writers, there are intensive rewrites, too.

So far two scenes have undergone massive rewrites, and being only 82 pages in, I’m sure there are going to be several more as the story is refined and characters come into their own.

Continue reading “Writing Recap: Revision Madness”

The Struggle To Get Back On Track

After a productive April and May where I felt on top of the world and was knocking out words, I find myself stalling. Words are still finding their way to paper, and I’m down to two chapters on Descent; however, I’m not where I had envisioned myself being by July, and each and every word is a struggle to get down.

As with all things, I know this will pass, and until then, I aim to just push through. My ultimate goal is to have the last two chapters of Descent concluded by the end of this weekend. Then I hope to catch up on posts here, including a continuation of the Lessons for OUAT series, several book reviews, and more letter posts. I’m also hoping to launch a profile series of indie authors. If you are interested in being profiled, please reach out to me at the below contact form.

Hopefully, I’ll have a happier report at the end of July. Please wish me luck.

New Release And Sale

“A kid doesn’t belong on a military base.”

“Hard to say that, ma’am. Especially after what we saw last night,” Aquila responded, tone grim. “We may not all be gems, but I like to think what happened to that girl wouldn’t have happened here.”

“The Promise: A Heritage Verse Story” By S.M. Wright

Beginning May 29, a revised version of The Promise, the prequel novella to Heritage Lost that shows Katya’s life on Reznic prior to The Maelstrom, will be available for download on Amazon for 99 cents: This prequel novella will also be available for free to subscribers of my newsletter; simply sign up using this link,, and wait for the welcome email — you might need to check your spam folder.

The Promise will be released on the Kindle May 29.

If you do sign up for my newsletter, rest assured that I will never spam your inbox. I aim to do a quarterly email, with the odd release email sent out from time to time. My newsletters will include exclusive content, news, writing tips, and more.

In addition to the new release, the Heritage Lost‘s e-book will also be on sale from May 27 (starting at 8 a.m. PT) through June 1 (ending at 11 p.m. PT) for $1.99 (normally, it is $4.99). If you’ve been wanting to dip into the Heritage Verse, now is the perfect opportunity to do so!

If you end up purchasing either story and enjoy them, please consider leaving a review on Goodreads or wherever you prefer. Reviews are a major help to authors and can keep us going.

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