The Heritage Verse

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Dreams for the future destroyed, Katya Cassius struggles to do right by her foster children as the galaxy threatens to collapse into a war that will make the Fringe Campaigns resemble a skirmish. The control the Magistrate has exerted over the galaxy is eroding as factions rise up, particularly the terrorist organization known as Plasovern, which might have found the spear it intends to shove into the Magistrate’s heart.

With old allegiances tearing at her heart, Katya tries to find a place for herself in a galaxy coming undone — knowing she can never go home.

About the Series

A blend of space opera and military sci-fi, fans of BSG, Firefly, and Star Wars will be at home within The Heritage Lost Series’ confines. Featuring plenty of fast-paced action and battles (in space and on land), the Heritage Lost Series harbors relatable characters at its heart, with a focus on family, both biological and found — hence, each entry’s genealogy-themed title.

Currently, there are four books planned in the series in addition to a couple companion and stand-alone novels. Plans are also being pursued for a Reznic Days anthology that will explore more of Katya’s time on the planet.

Current releases

Heritage Lost (Book 1): Available as of Dec. 6, 2019
The Promise (A Heritage Verse Story): Available as of May 29, 2020

Future releases

Descent (Book 2): Dec. 29, 2021
Untitled Oneiroi Companion Novel: Coming Soon