More Stories

A lover of fantasy and science fiction, these are the stories I tend to tell. 2018 should be a busy year, and I expect to add several short stories and possibly a full-length novel to this section, so check back from time to time for more information.

Acceptance: The Augur’s Rose Series No. 1
Don’t mess with the dead. Pure common sense. Necromancy gets messy — yet when pitted against Berit Gyllen . . . something or other . . . Svein is the only one wallowing in the filth when his artifact retrieval mission for the Mothers goes sideways. Perhaps he should have listened to that blasted bird and run.
Long Way Down: A Sci-fi Short Story
A war orphan and survivor of genocide, twelve-year-old Yuu has learned what it takes to survive over the course of twenty raids. When her latest sanctuary comes under assault, she ignores her better instincts and rescues two siblings. However, as the city topples around them, Yuu wars with herself: abandon the younger children and increase her own chance of survival or go together to whatever end. She knows all too well what hunts them . . . and she refuses to face the monsters with red eyes again.

Works in Progress

The Augur’s Rose Series No. 2: Svein becomes embroiled in an investigation of a revolutionary cell on the behest of the Head Mother. Beneath it, something stinks … like rotten flesh. (Author’s Note: I’m anticipating this installment to reach novella length.)

Under the Black Oak: Full-length historical fiction novel set from 1918-1920. More information to come.