Meet the Cast

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  1. Main Cast
    1. Katya Cassius
    2. Mina
    3. Sotiris Sarris
    4. Akakios Sarris
  2. The Oneiroi Crew
  3. Mramor Personalities
  4. Plasovern Cast
    1. Hedda Strom
  5. Cassius Family
    1. Faustus Cassius
  6. Minor Characters
    1. Rein
    2. Kyros Anagnos

Main Cast

At 18, Katya Cassius joined the Magistrate Armed Forces. While she’d earned her wings, she ended up at one dead-end land post after another, eventually landing on Reznic – the dead ends of dead ends. Thanks to the string-pulling of her Reznic commander, she received the command of The Maelstrom. While not glamorous, it got her off Reznic and into space. Her rescue of Sotiris, an Oneiroi toddler, leads to her dismantling her career to safeguard him.

She is the adoptive daughter of Faustus Cassius, a member of the prominent Cassius family. Katya came into his care at around the age of four as the Magistrate launched a program to re-home Mramorian orphans off its war-torn surface.

[Art by Miss Chibi Artist]



[Art by Al Hess]

Sotiris Sarris


[Art by Miss Chibi Artist]

Akakios Sarris


The Oneiroi Crew

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Mramor Personalities

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Plasovern Cast

Hedda Strom

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[Art by Kylie Betzner]

Cassius Family

Faustus Cassius

Katya’s adoptive father has spent the bulk of his life traveling from one archaeological site to the next, with periodic stints at Magistrate universities. The father of six adopted children, he has fought to give each the opportunities best suited for them, even if he hasn’t always liked the paths they have chosen.

Minor Characters


A native of Reznic, Rein joined the Magistrate’s security force on his homeworld, enticed by the promise of a higher tier of citizenship in the Magistrate. He then followed Katya to The Maelstrom as its mechanic.

Kyros Anagnos

A supporter of Akakios’s family, Kyros served as something close to a foster father for him and his brother. He is also a long-standing member of the Agoranomi.

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