Meet the Cast: Anna Popova

[Periodically, I’ll share Meet the Character posts spotlighting some of the new characters who will be appearing in Legacy alongside Mina. I’m also currently working on a Meet the Characters page that will feature key players in the Heritage Verse]

Born in the Magistrate Era, Anna knows nothing of the before. She grew up without a family, whether through abandonment or death. By the time she was born, the Magistrate had abandoned its program of adopting Mramorian orphans off-world to Magistrate families. So instead, she was placed within the Magistrate’s social services in Old Imperiya, which were badly mismanaged by Alyypriliv, a revolutionary faction that maneuvered its way to the top of Mramor politics following Magistrate intervention.

Faced with food shortages and mistreatment, Anna fled the orphanage and found sympathy from a mechanic who offered her an apprenticeship at age 14. Now at 21, she’s joined the Mramorian Fleet to expel the Magistrate from her homeworld and displace Alyypriliv and their allies from power. She’s never forgotten the cruelty of her orphanage.

Popova serves as one of Mina’s flight team members and roommates.

Fun Character Fact: She is a hopeless romantic and has an extensive collection of romance books at home. The steamier, the better. If it’s way out there, she will buy it — in fact, she is a connoisseur of odd pairings.

Fun History Fact: Anna Popova shares her last name with Nadezhda Vasilveyna Popova, a famous Soviet Night Witch during WWII. She is not the only new character to feature a nod to the Night Witches. If you haven’t heard Sabaton’s song about them, what are you waiting for? For an overview of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, Wikipedia gives you an overview.


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