5 Gift Ideas For Writers

Christmas is just around the corner. If you still need to shop for the writers in your life, I have some gift suggestions for you. These suggestions, of course, also work for birthdays and other special occasions! No. 1: Trashy Thoughts Journal The trashy thoughts journal is homemade by a local to me couple,¬†YetiAndBooCreations. IContinue reading “5 Gift Ideas For Writers”

You’ve Got to Spend Money to Make Money: How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish?

Often times as we write our stories, we seldom consider what the cost of seeing them to print can be. Currently, one of the books I’m reading (will post a full review very soon) states in its “Publish Thy Self” section that in an ultimate worse-case scenario an self-published author can end up with $20,000Continue reading “You’ve Got to Spend Money to Make Money: How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish?”

Feeling naughty? Read a banned book

Across the U.S., libraries have been gearing up for Banned Books Week, which was started by the American Library Association. The week promotes intellectual freedom and the right for individuals to express thoughts that might be unorthodox or unpopular — and for readers to be able to read those thoughts. This year’s Banned Book WeekContinue reading “Feeling naughty? Read a banned book”

What I didn’t expect when I applied to the local paper

I had never really wanted to get into journalism — no, I had grandiose dreams of entering the publishing industry, where I would work my way up. However, once graduation came, reality hit. The industry was changing and there was a recession, which was changing everything. Jobs were scare and openings required experience — somethingContinue reading “What I didn’t expect when I applied to the local paper”

My personal seven deadly writing sins

We all have them — and if you claim not to, you are lying — namely, writing sins. They are things you do that you know you shouldn’t do. Some writers might might actually have more than seven writing sins, but lets face it, seven is much more manageable — plus, there is the wholeContinue reading “My personal seven deadly writing sins”