Short Story: Mule

Today I’m sharing a short story written by fellow writer Jon Brierley that sprung from a writing prompt I posted last week — writing prompt #9. Jon, who lives in the North of England, is voracious reader who mainly writes comic fantasy and parodies. He describes himself as mostly unpublished and very much unpaid, leading him to have a day job. Offers of drink are always acceptable. Dreadful puns are at no extra charge.

Jon’s current WIP is a series of interlinked fantasy stories featuring his character, Aiella, and her companion, Dartea, who also features in this short story.

Jon’s blog can be found at Be sure to check it out since bits of his writing may appear there. Book reviews, Jon’s love of history, his writing experiences also make appearances.

So without further ado, here is “Mule.”


Published by smwright

Sarah Wright is the author of The Heritage Lost Series and several other works of speculative fiction. Professionally, she works as a staff writer and editor at a newspaper/magazine company. She enjoys interweaving her love of history into her writing, even in the most fantastic settings.

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