Webinars, a writer’s hankering

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to attend a webinar. Of course, the topic wasn’t too exciting and had to do with converting a fleet from traditional fuels to gaseous fuels — oh the life of a journalist, you are constantly picking up bits of information that you never thought you would need to know. But the whole experience was just fun. You are connected to an expert who speaks on his topic while you and people from all over the country, all over the world, listen. At the end of his presentation, those tuned in could send questions to the proctor for screening before they handed them off to the speaker.

While I don’t see myself wanting to sit in on many more fleet-related webinars, unless duty calls, I would love to “attend” some writing-based webinars. And they do exist. Some are extremely pricey (occasionally, there are discounts) while on other occasions you can find free webinars. Writer’s Digest, in particular, offers several opportunities for pay-to-attend webinars (they are also prone to offer sales on webinars) and free ones like the link I’ve posted below.

Topics range from the business of writing, making a living as a freelance, finding and keeping agents, crafting query letters and much more. There are several I personally would love to participate in if not for money. But it is definitely a goal for the future since writers should constantly seek out avenues to polish up their skills, whether that avenue is a good book, classes, group critique sessions in a writing group, a webinar, blog or writer’s conference — something else I have on my writer bucket list. Until finances are firmly on even ground, I plan to take advantage of free avenues to polish up my skills.

So has anyone participated in writing webinars before? What were your experiences? If you have yet to attend one, try out the one posted below:


Published by smwright

Sarah Wright is the author of The Heritage Lost Series and several other works of speculative fiction. Professionally, she works as a staff writer and editor at a newspaper/magazine company. She enjoys interweaving her love of history into her writing, even in the most fantastic settings.

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