Meet Heritage Lost’s Cast: Mina

Mina’s aesthetic (pictures from PixaBay)

Mina, 16, may or may not have been named after a popular Reznic singer — she’ll never tell (think of the embarrassing band your parents adore). Truthfully, she won’t say much about her early life before she came into Katya’s orbit. Her parents are a topic strictly off the table.

Having been born on the highly populated and industrialized planet Reznic, she puts up a bubbly exterior while being incredibly cautious, both of which served her well when sneaking onto a Magistrate military base. It was during these escapades that she met Katya and became her ward. She views her both as a sort of mother-figure and mentor.

When Katya received her posting on The Maelstrom, Mina joined her and began learning the ins and outs of life as a pilot. She relishes being able to see the galaxy, collecting an assortment of weird odds and ends. One of her most prized possessions is a pair of retro wired earbuds.

She loves music and bright colors, choosing to dye her hair a vast array of colors. In her free time, she is an avid cook. There is no ingredient she wouldn’t try to prepare in a dish, with Katya somewhat afraid that one day the teen will kill them all by unknowingly poisoning them. One of Mina’s favorite dishes is a comfort food from her homeworld called bok. This dish is described as consisting of noodles, a special sauce, and ground meat. Here is a link to a similar Earth dish:

Heritage Lost’s final cover by MissChibiArtist.

Heritage Lost is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers. You can also read it for free if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited.


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Sarah Wright is the author of The Heritage Lost Series and several other works of speculative fiction. Professionally, she works as a staff writer and editor at a newspaper/magazine company. She enjoys interweaving her love of history into her writing, even in the most fantastic settings.

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