Website updates, writing progress, and more

The website has received a complete overhaul along with an official domain name, Visitors will now be greeted by a static homepage featuring my most recent releases, updates on works in progress, and other news. Shortly, I hope to add a countdown to Descent‘s release and hopefully a new event this September (there are still moving pieces, so we will see).

Several of my site’s pages have also been updated with new information, and I anticipate The Heritage Verse sections will be growing over the next few months. The blog has migrated to its own page, but no worries, I have big plans for it.

Plans For The Blog

Making my blog more active is forever one of my goals, and here I am again in 2021, hoping to make it happen. Right now, Descent revisions are receiving the bulk of my attention in what little free time I have, but I am working on getting more posts scheduled that are broader in scope than just on writing. Some of my plans include:

  • More Once Upon A Time Writing Lesson posts: I have three planned OUAT Writing Lesson posts currently planned. More might appear after I have a chance to rewatch the series, which is on my list to do.
  • “Rewatch Parties”: This potential series would see me rewatching some of my favorite TV series from the ’90s and ’00s. I would probably lead with Fringe, which I’ve wanted to revisit.
  • “It Came From the Bargain Bin”: In this series, I’ll be raiding bargain bins for fantasy and sci-fi books to read and share. The goal is to uncover some out-of-print stories, but I will be starting with newer books claimed at my local library’s book sales. The first will probably be The Courtship of Princess Leia, a book from my teen years that I remember loving, and now, I want to revisit it after snagging a copy.
  • “Four Questions and a Twist”: This is a future profile of indie authors that I would like to start, where each profile would receive four writing-related questions about their works, followed by one out-of-the-blue question like “What Google search has probably landed you on an NSA list?”
  • “Into the Heritage Verse”: This dormant series is going to be revived! I left off with C, which will be about the Csek species, but I aim to reach Z.
Writing And Edits

I’m up to my head in Descent revisions but majorly behind where I’d envisioned I would be during February. I knew several sections were rough, but I hadn’t accounted for the number of strategic surgeries required, where scenes were cut and rearranged with rewrites following to hide the sutures. More intensive editing sections lie ahead, which is stirring doubts. I do feel that Descent will be ready for publication in 2021, but I’m growing hesitant about whether I’ll hit a July/August publication date.

The two jobs situation seriously hindered momentum, but I’m buckling down to persevere. Life seldom goes as planned, and sometimes, you have to roll a hard six.


I do have an author newsletter that is averaging an every-other-month release schedule so far. New subscribers receive a free copy of The Promise, so don’t forget to check your spam folder for the welcome email. The newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on new releases while enjoying exclusive sneak peeks, sales, and freebies. In the last newsletter, followers were treated to an excerpt of Descent‘s first chapter.

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Sarah Wright is the author of The Heritage Lost Series and several other works of speculative fiction. Professionally, she works as a staff writer and editor at a newspaper/magazine company. She enjoys interweaving her love of history into her writing, even in the most fantastic settings.

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