The Business Of Writing — Part III

This is the extremely tardy third part of three-part series “The Business of Writing.” Part I and Part II, while very old, still might be of some use when it comes to crafting a business plan and platforming. This third part is largely about self-care and growth opportunities. You have your writing business plan inContinue reading “The Business Of Writing — Part III”

Coming Soon

I am in the process of launching a freelance writing and editing business to supplement my income, especially since I’m anticipating some hefty expenses in the near future. In the beginning, I will largely offer press releases in AP Style, in addition to editorial content, which will be open to both Web and print. ThereContinue reading “Coming Soon”

It’s here! My copy of the ‘2015 Writer’s Market’

Last week I was excited to receive my copy of the “2015 Writer’s Market: Deluxe Edition,” though a bit peeved that after I ordered it — talking within a couple of days — they proceeded to drop the price by $9. But that’s just my luck: I have none. At least, this year I gotContinue reading “It’s here! My copy of the ‘2015 Writer’s Market’”

The business of writing — Part II

Well, you have your business plan typed and printed, possibly stored in a sleek binder … or stuffed in a lock box or file cabinet. So what next? Well, you have to make good on that marketing plan that you spelled out in your business plan. What? Isn’t that my agent’s and publisher’s job? TheContinue reading “The business of writing — Part II”