Gen Con Recap #1: Structuring Life for Creativity

One of the best seminars I had attended during Gen Con 2016 was Structuring Life for Creativity, which was presented by Sandra Tayler. It is a subject that I think a lot of writers struggle with; after all, we are all busy. Sometimes, our creative selves and our writing take second fiddle to life’s craziness. IContinue reading “Gen Con Recap #1: Structuring Life for Creativity”

Post-Gen Con 2016: Reexamining Writing Goals

The Gen Con Writer’s Symposium was amazing. I walked away completely refreshed and with a bumper crop of information and ideas. I cannot recommend enough finding and attending similar events to get the latest information about what is going on in the publishing industry or just to get inspired to take your craft to the nextContinue reading “Post-Gen Con 2016: Reexamining Writing Goals”