UPDATE: Announcing Project YA Editorial Extension

Rachelle and I are extending the Project YA Editorial contest! The new deadline will be┬áSunday, Oct. 30, so be sure to get your short stories around. The theme is still Follow the White Rabbit, and we want stories featuring a tattoo, or tattoos, as an integral part to the overall plot. She and I willContinue reading “UPDATE: Announcing Project YA Editorial Extension”

Now Accepting Submissions for Project YA Editorial 2016!

(Note: Exciting news, everyone! Rachelle Shaw and I will be holding a contest geared toward young writers. Check out the details–written by Rachelle–below! –SW)The official launch of the first contest for Project YA Editorial is finally here! As a campaign dedicated to helping young authors get their start in the publishing world, my good friendContinue reading “Now Accepting Submissions for Project YA Editorial 2016!”