Women’s History Month Writing Prompt: Galentine’s Day

I’m a huge fan of Parks and Recreation, and while it is March and not Feb. 13, I felt Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day would make a great foundation for “Women in Fiction” Week’s writing prompt. The Prompt You will be gathering your fictional women (from one book/story or across a collection of your works) forContinue reading “Women’s History Month Writing Prompt: Galentine’s Day”

Writing Prompt #9: Mode of Transportation Fail

We’ve all had this happen at least once in our lifetime: transportation failure. Your car refuses to start when you have an appointment to meet. You’re cruising down the highway when your tire blows out. Your flying your airplane when bam! one of your engines goes out. Well, you get the point. And when theseContinue reading “Writing Prompt #9: Mode of Transportation Fail”

Writing Prompt #8: Change of perspective

It is amazing what a simple shift in point of view can do to a scene, whether it is giving the POV to a new character who is also in the scene or it is implementing a complete narrative mode switch from first person to third person. This prompt requires you to pick a sceneContinue reading “Writing Prompt #8: Change of perspective”

Writing Prompt #7: Location Unknown

Your character — new or preexisting — awakes in a location they have never been before, and they have no idea where it is or how they arrived in their current predicament. In their pocket, they have a limited amount of local currency (enough to buy two meals, though they are not aware of this);Continue reading “Writing Prompt #7: Location Unknown”

Writing Prompt #6: Write a character’s obit

Obituaries can say a lot about a person: who their parents were, who their relative are (plus if any have predeceased them), where they were born, who they married (if they did at all), where they worked, affiliations they had, hobbies they enjoyed, their religion, how they lived, and of course, where and how theyContinue reading “Writing Prompt #6: Write a character’s obit”

Writing Prompt #4

[Writer’s Note: Another late night at work, this time doing a chicken photo-shoot — yes, you heard me correctly. Tomorrow there will be another character series post, and I will get caught up on responding to all the comments, at least by Saturday.] Your character finds a genie lamp and can make three wishes. WriteContinue reading “Writing Prompt #4”

Writing Prompt #3

(Writer’s Note: Today’s post has to be a writing prompt, I had to take on two town meetings for a co-worker so have no time to prepare a writing article, but I have a really good one in mind that will hopefully be posted tomorrow.) Through some misfortune, your character (or a group of characters)Continue reading “Writing Prompt #3”