Final thoughts on Evernote

Previously, I had given a brief overview of Evernote and what it offers at a time when I was just playing around with it, promising to delve more into my experiences after I got serious with the program. That day has come, and I just have to say: I’m in love. Evernote is not justContinue reading “Final thoughts on Evernote”

App Review: Google Keep

I was recently forced to get a new phone after my old phone decided it could no longer make or take calls. On the old phone, I used Astrid Tasks, but since it’s now defunct, I couldn’t download it onto my new one. While looking through the preloaded apps on my android phone, I cameContinue reading “App Review: Google Keep”

App Review: Kindle Buffet

As writers, we love to read. And like most creative types, we are often poor. So what better than a smorgasbord of free Kindle ebooks? This is where Kindle Buffet — available on both Google Play and iTunes — comes in handy by providing you with your daily menu of free Kindle books. While youContinue reading “App Review: Kindle Buffet”

App Review: Astrid Tasks

Sometimes a writer needs all the help they can get to stay focused, organized and on task. While not strictly a writer’s app, Astrid Tasks can do just that for a writer: allowing writers to organize writing tasks, prioritize writing tasks, set deadlines and share task lists. The app, available on Android phones and tablets,Continue reading “App Review: Astrid Tasks”

App Review:

I have long been a fan of, which I use over other sites when I’m in a pinch for a word or want to make sure I’ve picked the right one. So of course, when I got a smartphone (android), I had to download the app. I must say it has come inContinue reading “App Review:”