Scene Building: Setting The Pieces Into Motion

We’ve discussed the pieces that are needed to build a good scene, but now we are going to dive into the actual process so we can see them in action. I will be using the very first scene in chapter one from a book I wrote in junior high — let it never be saidContinue reading “Scene Building: Setting The Pieces Into Motion”

Who Said What: Dialogue Tags and Properly Punctuating Them

Dialogue tags play a vital rule in fiction. They provide clarity to readers about who is speaking. Of course, not every quote requires a dialogue tag, but it should be a rule of thumb that where there is the potential for confusion, a tag should be placed. So what is a dialogue tag? They areContinue reading “Who Said What: Dialogue Tags and Properly Punctuating Them”

You know what’s fun? Euphemisms

“Where’s Ol’Daisy, Joe Bob?” asked Bobby Ray upon entering the milking parlor. “She kicked her last bucket.” Joe Bob continued to squirt milk into the milk pan as he sat next to Ol’Trixie. “EH?” “You know, she exited the barn for the last time… is eating in a greener pasture on a farm upstate.”  Continue reading “You know what’s fun? Euphemisms”

Exposition and Dialogue: How to Get the Perfect Mix

I will never forget finishing my first novel, or how quick I was to show it to all my English teachers, hoping for feedback as to whether it was good or needed some TLC — never even thinking that I might kill the project in the future (which I did, though I reminiscence fondly onContinue reading “Exposition and Dialogue: How to Get the Perfect Mix”