Once Upon A Time Writing Lesson: Right-Sizing Cast

Once Upon a Time is a case study for plotting out a series. It exhibits why it is important to have a game plan–no matter how rough–in place at the beginning of a creative endeavor. This helps writers avoid retreading past plot points or completely dropping the ball on others. Characters need to go hand in hand with this early plotting–their arcs, their backgrounds, etc.

OUAT Writing Lessons: Concerning Plotting A Series

For a bit of fun, I thought it would be great to examine the TV series, Once Upon A Time, which, in my opinion, started strong before faltering in quality and becoming laden with oh-so-many plot holes, inconsistencies, disappearing characters, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I still love OUAT despite all its flaws. However, IContinue reading “OUAT Writing Lessons: Concerning Plotting A Series”

What ya got against series?

What always surprises me as lurk around different forums is the hate series seem to get from some individuals, particularly series that reach great success like Harry Potter. “The author is just milking the cash cow,” they will say, or “Don’t they have enough money.” What these individuals don’t understand is that writers don’t writeContinue reading “What ya got against series?”

Outlines: Use them or leave them?

Some use them, others don’t; however, outlines are often an important tool in any writer’s toolbox. Outlines, while they mostly relay story events in order, are not necessarily laid out the same way — let’s face it, every writer is different, thus their outlines will be different. I will admit that when I start aContinue reading “Outlines: Use them or leave them?”