Beta reading continues

“Heritage Lost,” the working title of my SciFi novel, is currently out to three beta readers, and the response has been very favorable so far. It’s always good to hear comments like “This will be a quick sell” or “I found myself wishing these characters were real.” Not only that, but two are stating theyContinue reading “Beta reading continues”

Some come easier than others

What is in a title? Well, a lot actually. A title can either entice or turn off potential readers, and really the publishing industry’s gatekeepers, too, if you take the traditional route. There are clever titles, cryptic titles and everything in between (just check out Goodreads’ list of the best book titles to get anContinue reading “Some come easier than others”

Stay calm and query on — Wrapping up September

Is September really almost over? It’s hard to believe that October is just around the corner, especially since for me it feels like September just got started. I have to say this month has been wonderful for my writing. Not only have I begun to query “Passage” (which is quite stressful!) to various agents, butContinue reading “Stay calm and query on — Wrapping up September”