Finding the right beginning

Some beginnings come easy; others, well, they bite, claw, and resist like no tomorrow, leaving behind frazzled writers. Take for instance my novel Heritage Lost: It’s beginning stuck from the very beginning, back when I conceptualized the novel in college. It’s sequel, which I’m am beginning, is already on its fourth (I think) beginning. NoneContinue reading “Finding the right beginning”

A writer’s reflections . . .

I’ve buckled down the hatches and have really been polishing up my SciFi manuscript. My printout revisions are complete, my rewrite of chapter one is done, and now all that remains to be done is implementing the printout edits into the electronic master copy. At this rate, I’ll be on schedule to finish and submitContinue reading “A writer’s reflections . . .”

Some come easier than others

What is in a title? Well, a lot actually. A title can either entice or turn off potential readers, and really the publishing industry’s gatekeepers, too, if you take the traditional route. There are clever titles, cryptic titles and everything in between (just check out Goodreads’ list of the best book titles to get anContinue reading “Some come easier than others”