A writer’s reflections . . .

I’ve buckled down the hatches and have really been polishing up my SciFi manuscript. My printout revisions are complete, my rewrite of chapter one is done, and now all that remains to be done is implementing the printout edits into the electronic master copy. At this rate, I’ll be on schedule to finish and submitContinue reading “A writer’s reflections . . .”

The Quest for the Holy Something or Other

Today I’m sharing a dear friend’s recently published book — one of which I have had the privilege of being able to witness a small portion of its growth to its current state. Available in both paperback and ebook via Amazon and other booksellers, “The Quest for the Holy Something or Other” is a humorousContinue reading “The Quest for the Holy Something or Other”

Five reasons I’ll never read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Well, at least never read it straight through, because I have to admit to having read exerts — often aloud. What can I say? I like sharing bad aloud, and the great thing about “Fifty Shades of Grey” is I can flip to any page and get bad. Now if I were clever, I wouldContinue reading “Five reasons I’ll never read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’”

Book Review: Ender’s Game

A long, long time ago in a not so distant galaxy, I was a very avid reader. I would constantly have a book in hand, whether fiction or nonfiction. However, at some point in my adult life I drifted away. Looking back it might have been the binge reading required texts in college, or maybeContinue reading “Book Review: Ender’s Game”

Book Review: “The Emotion Thesaurus”

I had been eying “The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression” when suddenly I realized I had inadvertently purchased it for the Kindle app on my phone; however, that mistake proved quite fortuitous. As the name suggests the book is a thesaurus with each entry being an emotion, such as “Anger,” “Confidence,” “Desperation,”Continue reading “Book Review: “The Emotion Thesaurus””