Don’t Ditch Emotion in Pursuit Of ‘Strength’

The saying goes that boys don’t cry, and a lot can be said about toxic masculinity and its impact on boys as they grown up, especially if they don’t fit the mold of what it “means” to be a “proper” man — showing too much emotion or pursuing certain interests, for instance. This is cropsContinue reading “Don’t Ditch Emotion in Pursuit Of ‘Strength’”

Characters, touchy subjects and framing

While going through the revision portion of my novel, one of my readers expressed dislike for a statement made by one of my character. The character is a woman who mused aloud, something to the extent, that she could not imagine being a soldier. I personally have nothing against women as soldiers as long as theyContinue reading “Characters, touchy subjects and framing”

Why I’m weary of Tauriel

I’m a major Tolkien fan, but not a strict purist. I was not crying or agonizing over every little change made in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of “The Lord of the Rings” and actually enjoyed some of the changes he incorporated into the films — including drawing from the appendices. Though I’m not quite as forgivingContinue reading “Why I’m weary of Tauriel”

Female characters: living in a male-dominated world

Female characters can be challenging to write, particularly when they are placed in male-dominated worlds/eras, and often come in two extremes: damsels-in-distress/story wallpaper/the romantic interest or a man with boobs. Writers, in many cases, seem to think that to have a strong female character, they have to have great physical strength. While it is trueContinue reading “Female characters: living in a male-dominated world”