Life of a staff writer: Five interviews that have shaped me

As a staff writer, you meet a lot of interesting people and get to see a lot of interesting movements along the way — and I am embarrassed to say I do not always remember all my interviewees’ names; however, their stories stay with me. Not only do they inspire me, especially the seniors whoContinue reading “Life of a staff writer: Five interviews that have shaped me”

Female characters: living in a male-dominated world

Female characters can be challenging to write, particularly when they are placed in male-dominated worlds/eras, and often come in two extremes: damsels-in-distress/story wallpaper/the romantic interest or a man with boobs. Writers, in many cases, seem to think that to have a strong female character, they have to have great physical strength. While it is trueContinue reading “Female characters: living in a male-dominated world”