Waiting for summer to wrap up

When you work as a staff writer in an area where the population doubles in the warmer months, summers are a hectic time filled with festivals, special tabs or assignments for special events, and just hectic deadlines that seem impossible to meet — yet somehow you manage them. We are just entering the last hurrahContinue reading “Waiting for summer to wrap up”

Learn from SELF Magazine’s Mistake

We are all human, we all make mistakes — and as journalists we have the misfortune of having our mistakes aired to our entire distribution area… and sometimes beyond if it is picked up by social media. I’ve had my own set of corrections over the course of my career. And you know what? IContinue reading “Learn from SELF Magazine’s Mistake”

Life of a staff writer: Five interviews that have shaped me

As a staff writer, you meet a lot of interesting people and get to see a lot of interesting movements along the way — and I am embarrassed to say I do not always remember all my interviewees’ names; however, their stories stay with me. Not only do they inspire me, especially the seniors whoContinue reading “Life of a staff writer: Five interviews that have shaped me”

What I didn’t expect when I applied to the local paper

I had never really wanted to get into journalism — no, I had grandiose dreams of entering the publishing industry, where I would work my way up. However, once graduation came, reality hit. The industry was changing and there was a recession, which was changing everything. Jobs were scare and openings required experience — somethingContinue reading “What I didn’t expect when I applied to the local paper”