!#$* $#*!: Writing expletives

Expletives, aka. profanity, can spice up dialogue; however, like all spices, you have to put in the right amount. Treated properly, profanity brings out a character or situation. Poured in, they only make the reader roll their eyes and groan. This topic comes about after I was sitting at an eatery and these teenage girlsContinue reading “!#$* $#*!: Writing expletives”

Character Series: Intro, plus family

Well, here is the start of another series that will at least run every Friday during February and then periodically the rest of the year: The Character Series. This series will look at the different touches that make a character feel real and gives them depth. Intro A couple years back, I recall a majorContinue reading “Character Series: Intro, plus family”

App Review: Dictionary.com

I have long been a fan of Dictionary.com, which I use over other sites when I’m in a pinch for a word or want to make sure I’ve picked the right one. So of course, when I got a smartphone (android), I had to download the Dictionary.com app. I must say it has come inContinue reading “App Review: Dictionary.com”

My personal seven deadly writing sins

We all have them — and if you claim not to, you are lying — namely, writing sins. They are things you do that you know you shouldn’t do. Some writers might might actually have more than seven writing sins, but lets face it, seven is much more manageable — plus, there is the wholeContinue reading “My personal seven deadly writing sins”

World-building Series: Intro

World-building is an intricate part of crafting a story — if done properly, it provides believability and envelopes the reader, holding their interest while also making them want to delve deeper into the world you have crafted. While world-building is often considered the realm of fantasy and scifi writers that is not the case. WritersContinue reading “World-building Series: Intro”

Outlines: Use them or leave them?

Some use them, others don’t; however, outlines are often an important tool in any writer’s toolbox. Outlines, while they mostly relay story events in order, are not necessarily laid out the same way — let’s face it, every writer is different, thus their outlines will be different. I will admit that when I start aContinue reading “Outlines: Use them or leave them?”

It’s FAWM time, plus an annoucement

Where did January go? It’s hard to believe that February has rolled in, particularly frigidly here in Indiana. Rather than flee south where it is warm, why not take your mind of the snow, ice and miserable cold by dedicating your month to another branch of writing: song writing. With February comes February Album WritingContinue reading “It’s FAWM time, plus an annoucement”

Spice up your writing routine

Have you ever found yourself in a rut? One where the words just aren’t coming, and you are losing focus or interest in your project? I know I have! And during such times, I have often found getting the spark back is easier when I shake up my writing routine and try things out ofContinue reading “Spice up your writing routine”