Openings for clients

Are you looking to have your short story or novel professionally edited? I am opening up limited slots at prices that can’t be beat for both content editing (get input on characters/plot/other story mechanics, plus feedback on any specific questions you might have) and copyediting (grammar and style). I am open to different genres, thoughContinue reading “Openings for clients”

A reflection on character relationships

I believe writers have quirks that appear across the broad body of their works — little nuggets of ourselves that we can’t help but deposit. Whether it is reoccurring themes or just elements of our life experiences, they appear in the black and white of our prose. And as I continue editing my Scifi novel,Continue reading “A reflection on character relationships”

Beta reading continues

“Heritage Lost,” the working title of my SciFi novel, is currently out to three beta readers, and the response has been very favorable so far. It’s always good to hear comments like “This will be a quick sell” or “I found myself wishing these characters were real.” Not only that, but two are stating theyContinue reading “Beta reading continues”

Don’t fence me in

Much like actors, I think writers often worry about being typecasted, so they carefully select a genre and stick with it. I’ve not really had that mindset. I like reading various genres and have aspirations to write in quite a few, particularly several branches of speculative fiction, historical fiction and perhaps even a western orContinue reading “Don’t fence me in”

Final thoughts on Evernote

Previously, I had given a brief overview of Evernote and what it offers at a time when I was just playing around with it, promising to delve more into my experiences after I got serious with the program. That day has come, and I just have to say: I’m in love. Evernote is not justContinue reading “Final thoughts on Evernote”

Why I love creative writing

There is nothing like working as copy editor in an area of writing with strict guidelines to make you appreciate creative writing. Because in the world of journalism and house rules, creativity is often put on a sacrificial altar — well, if you haven’t earned the right to use “I” — to meet strict viewpointsContinue reading “Why I love creative writing”

Seven things every writer needs to do

Sometimes every little bit is needed to help spark the writing juices, from spicing up the routine to creating healthy additions. Here are seven tips to do just that and even improve your writing routine — some of these you might already do, but with luck a few of these might be of use toContinue reading “Seven things every writer needs to do”

My Origin Story

Origin stories aren’t just for comic book heroes: Every writer has one, whether it all started with that one book/author, person in your life, or experience. Recently on Twitter, a person a I follow asked writers what book really inspired them to write. For me, my answer came to be instantly: Gilbert Morris books, particularlyContinue reading “My Origin Story”

App Review: Kindle Buffet

As writers, we love to read. And like most creative types, we are often poor. So what better than a smorgasbord of free Kindle ebooks? This is where Kindle Buffet — available on both Google Play and iTunes — comes in handy by providing you with your daily menu of free Kindle books. While youContinue reading “App Review: Kindle Buffet”